Kick the Soda Habit with the Emotion Code

Juanita Ecker

Sugar is tricky. I’m not talking about the natural sugars we find in our delicious fruits. I’m talking about added sugars. Added sugars taste wonderful but that sugar tells our bodies that we constantly need more. We crave it. Our mood changes when we consume it and when we are deprived of it. We can be addicted to sugar and may not even realize it. That’s why added sugar is so tricky.

Drinking soda is like eating sugar

In an article in Harvard Men’s Health Watch, they found that 42.2% of our average added sugar intake comes from soda, ranking number one among other common food items like desserts, candy, and ready-to-eat cereals. The second-highest average of our added sugar intake comes from grain-based desserts at 11.9% – a huge gap. 

Shake the soda habit

For many people, shaking a soda addiction seems like an unattainable dream. Every attempt that is made to pull back from soda ends with disappointment and frustration. In most cases, people are aware of the health risks that come with consuming soda on a regular basis but they simply cannot tear away from the habit. 

Gain control over unwanted habits

The Emotion Code has helped so many individuals gain control over their unwanted habits. By using the Emotion Code, I can help delete your soda addiction and free you from the long-term health risks that come with it. 

Click below to watch how I delete the craving for Pepsi for a volunteer. Keep in mind, this technique can work on any soda, energy drink, and diet soda. 

Kick the Soda Habit with the Emotion Code


If you want to have the same victory over your annoying soda habit, contact Juanita to schedule your free 20-minute strategy session.