What is the Body Code and the Belief Code?

The Body Code is an energy balancing system that could uncover the root cause of your issues.  We use muscle testing, to ask the subconscious “yes” or “no” questions. The idea behind muscle testing is the yes/no questions can access the subconscious mind and it allows us to get immediate answers regarding your health and well-being. The muscle testing has been found to be useful in uncovering the energetic imbalances that are contributing to the challenges you are having; and it guides us to what the body needs at this time.

The Belief Code, takes the Emotion Code and Body Code to the next level. It is a system of finding and removing unwanted, subconscious beliefs. These old beliefs, often formed in childhood, can be negative programs that are running your life.

Once the  trapped emotions, energetic imbalances or negative programs are identified, the Emotion Code, Body Code and Belief Code System is designed to remove them. You don’t have to relive the memories for the process to work.

Even through there are no guarantees, clients have reported that releasing the unresolved emotions, correcting the imbalances and eliminating the faulty core beliefs have drastically improved their life. Clients report that physical symptoms may start to get better, their health might improve, their abundance issues may change and their relationships may begin to thrive.

Release Negative Emotions Within Minutes.

    To quickly see the release, fast forward the video to 11:51.

“I often have swollen ankles. As we started to tap, we uncovered pain, grief and a feeling of loss from losing my mom 30 years ago. Not wanting to deal with these heavy emotions, they got pushed down into my body. After one session, I started to feel lighter. A wonderful sense of relaxation and peace came over me when we were done. A week later, I realized my ankles are not swelling as much as they used to and I noticed the difference. Thank you Juanita for your amazing work.”
Lisa from Arizona

Get Rid of Old Wounds and Emotional Baggage

We all deal with negative emotions at one time or another. The negative emotions you are feeling in the present are often traced back to events that happened in your childhood. Life experiences that were emotionally damaging for the child can create self-defeating patterns of thought or behavior in the adult. Your reactions to life’s challenges might have affected how you view the world. Memories that were painful could impact the beliefs you created about yourself, the choices you make or the chances you are willing to take. 

Like many, you may have been conditioned to deny, repress or ignore those unwanted feelings, trapping them in your body. What would it feel like to get rid of the emotional baggage you have been carrying all your life? Juanita Ecker can help you with that. She will identify and quickly release the negative emotions that are contributing to the challenges you are having.   

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 “Before working with Juanita, I felt stuck; I couldn’t take steps to move forward with my business.  Juanita gave me clarity.  It was amazing how she was able to connect current issues in my life to incidents from my childhood. Incidents that I remembered but didn’t realize were still affecting my life.  We uncovered some core issues: stuttering as a child, having a fear of speaking up and a fear of feeling like a fraud.  As we released the trapped emotions, I was able to let go of the emotional charge they triggered for me. We uncovered layers of things that were amazingly connected, and released some blocks that have been keeping me stuck for a very long time. Thank you Juanita, your talents are are a real gift to your clients”
Christine from South Carolina

Do you Suffer From Any of these Issues?


Are you Ready for Your Life to Change?

If you answered YES to anything on the above list, the Emotion Code and Body Code are for you.

What is something you want to change or get rid of in your life?

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“For the last several weeks I have been working with Juanita Ecker to resolve some old anxiety issues. One of the things we addressed was my irritable bowel symptoms. Each time we work, I find some resolution for me and afterwards I seem to be operating at a much more relaxed level. I find that Juanita is very intuitive and although we work over the phone, she is able to “tap into” (pardon the pun) my emotions, at times even better than I can. I had tried EFT by myself, but Juanita goes into much longer and deeper sessions, with MUCH greater results than I could get on my own. I absolutely highly recommend her!!”
Kathy from New York
 “When Juanita first asked me what was bothering me that we could work on for the session, I couldn’t really give her an answer. I have studied positive psychology all my life and aim to live each day in the most positive and upbeat way.  Yet after some inquiry, we found an event from childhood. In the past 50 years, I have told this childhood memory many times; yet never addressed the unresolved negative emotions that were attached to it. In a short period of time,  we released those blocked emotions.  I felt complete relief and totally relaxed. Juanita’s keen insight and intuition is a gift she brings to the session.  Following her lead, I could release old wounds. I’m glad I did.”
Chandler from New York

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