The Emotional Eating Program:
A Method for Practitioners

Help your clients eliminate out of control cravings & get rid of bad food habits once and for all

As a certified emotion code practitioner, addressing emotional eating is more than just deleting cravings for certain foods; yet what do you do beyond that?

Maybe you feel frustrated because you don’t know where to start or what approach to take.

Maybe you feel confused because you don’t know what questions to ask or what to cover.

Or maybe you don’t know what direction to take that would give the most success.


What would it be like to have a step-by-step method that you could follow to eliminate emotional eating?


Well, I can help.

When I started researching emotional eating and binge eating, I discovered that no one really knows what causes it. All the books I read talk about how to manage it. There was nothing out there to help practitioners deal with this issue for their clients.

With my training in EFT, Emotion Code and Body Code, I created this protocol to help my clients eliminate the pattern of turning to food to numb their pain.

After implementing this program with my clients, they started to see results! I knew that other certified emotion code practitioners, like you, would also benefit from this method as well.

Does This Program Really Work?

The unfortunate truth is that emotional eating is so common. And unlike so many other misleading programs out there — This program is not a quick fix.

You cannot eliminate emotional eating in 2 or 3 sessions. There are many layers of trauma or unresolved negative emotions that contribute to the emotional eating. This program is designed to work with your client over a three-or four-month period.

After 13 sessions in the beta-test group with 3 participants, all three women eliminated their need or desire to engage in emotional eating. This habitual eating pattern went from 100% down to 0.

That tells me this is a proven strategy that works!

One participant shared with me, “While on vacation with friends, I wasn’t tempted to eat all of the goodies that my friends were eating, and I didn’t feel deprived!”

Another made the comment, “I haven’t noticed the desire to binge eat at night lately.”

And another woman said, “I had a stressful week but didn’t have the urge to reach for food.” 

This protocol is a step-by-step system that gets results.

What’s included in this protocol : 

There are 10 sections with 27 pages of material. Included is a 16-page manual to guide you thru each section.

Throughout the program, there are 150 different bulletpoints you can cover with your client.

Each section of the program

Section 1 – Uncovering the root causes

Section 2 – Rewiring the brain

Section 3 – Life events

Section 4 – Emotional needs

Section 5 – The struggles of emotional eating

Section 6 – Breaking the pattern

Section 7 – Hunger

Section 8 – Heart walls

Section 9 – What we tell ourselves

Section 10 – Healthy eating behaviors

~ Plus a program manual to guide you through practical application

Additional charts for muscle testing

  • The emotional code chart
  • The trauma chart
  • The discordant chart
  • The negative belief chart
  • Things that cause guilt and shame
  • Dinner time rules
  • Drama around weight, diets, food and body image
  • Sexual Abuse or Incest Checklist 
  • Vanishing Twin
  • Emotional needs
  • Fulfillment needs
  • The need to eat when
  • Negative self-talk for emotional eating
  • Positive affirmations for emotional eating

I am so confident you will have great results using this program, that I am giving you a sneak peek into the program.

If you are an Emotion Code Practitioner, get access to the Negative Self-talk for Emotional Eating chart and start using it with your clients.

Stop Emotional Eating
Stop Emotional Eating

 The Benefits Your Clients Will Experience From Going Thru this Program with You:

  • She will discover how freeing it feels not to depend on food, to not need it to self-soothe.
  • She will gain control over her emotional eating by learning to identify whether she is eating because she is hungry, or she needs to fill an emotional need. This clarity will impact her decision to take that first bite, start a binge or not reach for food.
  • She will delete the root causes or underlying issues from the past that are causing her to eat so she doesn’t need to suppress her emotions.
  • She will no longer have to constantly fight food and be upset with herself for using food the way she does.
  • She will discover how good it feels to be in control around food. She’ll be able to stop after a little bit, rather than eating the whole bag or the entire carton.
  • She will delete the emotional baggage that is triggering her cravings to devour a specific food.
  • She will change how she treats herself; she will choose self-care rather than abusing her body when she is stressed.

~ Think how nice it would be to personally experience these benefits or to enable your friends, family, and clients to enjoy them as well.

How Easy is it to Implement this Program?

This program is an easy-to-follow bullet format. It’s written so that the content is easy to read, and you can print it out. You will be given the tools to delete the triggers, the emotional baggage or the old programming that are causing the emotional eating or the binge eating behaviors. You will be able to use this protocol with confidence to know where to go next. This in-depth program provides everything you need to help your clients see progress and get awesome results. 

Benefits to You, the Practitioner:

  • You will have a proven step-by-step system to follow.
  • You won’t have to study and read a bunch of books on the subject. 
  • You will be able to instantly use this material on yourself or your clients.
  • You will know what direction to take to create the best results.
  • You will have a way to measure the shifts and any progress that take place.
  • You will have personal support and guidance from Juanita Ecker.

Invest in Yourself and Your Business


Part 1 – sections 1-3 for $200

(Everything you need to delete the emotional eating.)


Part 2 – sections 4-7 for $100

(Supplemental material that may also be used.)

Part 3 – sections 8-10 for $100

Will you get your investment back?

I market this emotional eating program as a 12-session or 3-month program.  If you are charging $60 a session x 12 sessions = $720 (Some may charge more than that.) You will bring in $720 from the client working with you for 3 months. You will easily get back your investment with just one client going thru the program with you. 


What is finally getting rid of the emotional eating worth to you?

If you are looking for a program that will help you and your clients get rid of those bad food habits once and for all, act now and invest in this protocol. 

Ready to set yourself and your clients up for success? 

The full program gives you everything you need to do so. Don’t wait. Sign up NOW!

  • You will receive a step-by-step Emotional Eating Protocol
  • You will also receive a manual to guide you through the program
  • You will have support from Juanita Ecker to aid your success
  • You will remove the triggers that are causing the emotional eating for your clients
  • You will permanently delete bad food habits for either yourself or your clients
  • You will help your clients create a new relationship with food

Email Juanita at if you still have questions regarding this protocol