Animals Have Feelings Too

Do you have a pet whose health is declining?

Is your pet struggling with a physical discomfort or dealing with a health challenge?

Do you wish there was something you could do to help your pet feel better?

People who are pet owners have a special bond with their furry friends. Our pets are part of the family; we love them so much and they love us in return. We want our pets to be happy and healthy just like any other member of the family.

Sometimes an animal’s health will start to decline and we want to do everything we can to help them get better. Dr. Bradley Nelson, creator of the Emotion Code and Body Code System discovered that animals, just like people, have trapped emotions or energetic imbalances that impact their overall health.

Emotion code and Body Code for pets


“As any animal lover will tell you, animals have feelings, too. They may not be able to talk about them, but if you watch their behavior and get to know them, you will soon be able to recognize their subtle changes of emotion. Even without words, animals express their emotions clearly. When emotionally upsetting events occur, animals can suffer from trapped emotions just as people can.” 

Dr. Bradley Nelson.


When something sad, traumatic or scary happens in our lives, or our pets lives, if we don’t process and release those uncomfortable emotions associated with that experience, the negative emotions may become trapped in the body.  It is Dr. Bradley’s belief that those trapped negative emotions could create energetic imbalances.  Releasing those trapped emotions can create a dramatic shift; physical discomfort may improve, physical symptoms could disappear and overall health may be restored.

Emotion code and Body Code for pets

This Energy Balancing System Can:

  • Release physical challenges or distress
  • Get rid of general discomfort or difficulty
  • Eliminate negative pet behavior
  • Delete anxious behavior patterns
  • Minimize negative relationships with people or other animals
  • Ease the stress when an adopted pet is adjusting 

Here are Some Success Stories:

*** A dog was hit by a car when she was just a puppy and now has aggression issues towards strangers. The Emotion Code session was able to release the trauma the dog was feeling so that she could be calmer and more relaxed.

**** A friend’s horse was having trouble breathing in the high humidity and heat. We did a session on her and now she breathes easily without excess stress on her body.

**** My cat was peeing on the rug and I didn’t know why.  I did a few sessions for him and now the annoying issue is gone.

**** A friend’s dog had terrible anxiety every time she rode in the car and even short rides created a lot of stress for the dog.   I did a few sessions on the dog. Now her anxious behavior when riding in a car has disappeared.

****  My favorite story is this one. A Woodpecker kept waking us up very early each morning. I thought, maybe he is asking for help. I did a session with this woodpecker. Now, he no longer wakes us up at 5:00 am. Yay!

Emotion code and Body Code for pets

The nice thing about working with animals is that I don’t have to be in the same room with them for the technique to work. I can do a remote session no matter where you live. The Emotion Code and Body Code System are powerful tools that may help your pet feel better. It’s simple, easy and it really works!  Book an appointment for your pet now.