Stress At Work

Do you feel the constant pressure to do well and succeed in the work environment?

Do you struggle with procrastination or lack of motivation?

Are you tired of the repeated experiences of stress that have manifested as physical pains in your body?


The pressure to do well and succeed in the work environment can be very stressful. This constant pressure can impact your emotional and physical well-being. Because we are not supposed to appear “weak” at work, we tend to deny any negative emotions we are feeling and pretend that everything is OK. You may even believe that if you ignore it, the problem will go away.

Think of something stressful that happened in the office or at work. When you think of that event, what emotion comes up for you? If what you are feeling is negative, then the energy of those unresolved emotions is still stuck in your body. Those unresolved negative emotions create self-defeating thoughts or behavior patterns which impact your ability to perform better at work.

Do You Suffer From Any of These Issues?

  • The pressure to perform
  • Self-doubt and confidence issues
  • Negative self-talk and the inner critic
  • Fear of speaking up or fear of speaking in public
  • Procrastination or lack of motivation
  • You are constantly overlooked for promotions
  • Difficulty dealing with criticism
  • Anxious feelings or behaviors that affect your work 
  • The stress of being laid off or experiencing a job restructure
  • Trouble dealing with difficult co-workers or toxic bosses 
  • Feeling stuck or resisting change

Did you answer yes to anything on that list?   

If you answered yes, you are having these challenges because of the trapped negative emotions from your past. These unresolved emotions are contributing to the challenges you are having. The good news is Juanita Ecker can help; she can delete them and release those negative emotions from your body.

If parts of your life are not working, there is probably a core belief or behavior pattern that is stopping you from getting what you want.  Using the Body Code and the Belief Code, Juanita will help you transform those things that are limiting your ability into improved business success.

When you work with Juanita Ecker, she will minimize or eliminate the impact these work-related stresses are having on you.  Once you release those blocked emotions, your self-limiting thoughts and behaviors may shift. You might find yourself doing better at work, getting better results or having less stress. Who doesn’t want more of that?

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