Stop Emotional Eating and Using Food as Your Coping Mechanism

Eliminate your out of control cravings & get rid of those bad food habits once and for all

Do you wish you could stop using food to numb your pain?

Does it feel like you get triggered out of nowhere and all of a sudden you are binging again?

Are you tired of thinking that eating something is going to make you feel better?


Maybe you have tried everything to stop your emotional eating behaviors, did all the right things… yet nothing changed.  Maybe it seems as if you are in this endless cycle of eating, pleasure, guilt and shame. Maybe you wish there were other ways to cope rather than reaching for food.  Or, maybe you have thought to yourself, “I’ll never be able to get a grip on this food issue.”

If you feel frustrated because you feel like you have no willpower and you constantly beat yourself up for giving in to food cravings, this program to stop emotional eating is for you.  If you are struggling to create the body you want or the eating habits you desire, there are probably some unresolved emotions, unconscious sabotage or negative programming that is impacting your ability to purge yourself of these self-sabotaging habits.

 Does This Sound Familiar?

  • You wish you had a better relationship with food.
  • You have thought to yourself, “I know I shouldn’t be eating this.”
  • You are tired of promising yourself the next time will be different. 
  • You have unsuccessfully tried to fix your unhealthy eating habits with a diet.
  • You are tired of not feeling good about your body.
  • You are tired of feeling like you are using food against yourself.
  • You are frustrated that you can’t seem to manage your weight.
End the Diet Cycle - Your New Body
stop Emotional Eating

End the Anguish of Emotional Eating

If you answered yes to anything on the above list, this program is for you.

See if you relate to some of these examples.

~   You are suddenly overwhelmed with a swell of emotions… and before you know it, you are polishing off a pint of ice cream.

~   You have a fight with your spouse or significant other and the first thing you do is open the refrigerator.

~   You have a tendency to overeat telling yourself, “I need to feel something other than what I am feeling.”

You fight and fight to avoid the “wrong” foods, only to give in at the worst possible time. This can leave you feeling guilty, discouraged, and miserable. But you don’t have to! 

The good news is this step-by-step method  is designed to give you quick results without the struggles you have experienced in the past. Through the proven strategies in this emotional eating protocol, you’ll finally be able to unleash the best version of you where other strategies have failed.

Negative emotions such as feeling lonely, sad, anxious or bored are the cues that trigger your impulse to want to eat. So you developed a pattern to suppress those uncomfortable feelings with food as a way to cope.  Maybe it felt too scary to feel your emotions when you’ve never allowed yourself to ever do it before.  So you developed the habit of turning to food; it was easier to keep eating rather than feel what you were feeling.

Using the Emotion Code, Juanita Ecker will delete the triggers, the emotional baggage or the old programming that are causing the emotional eating or binge eating behaviors.   

How Will Your Life Will Change?

  • You will discover how freeing it feels not to depend on food; to not need it to self-soothe.
  • You will gain control over your emotional eating, by learning to identify whether you are eating because you are hungry or you need to fill an emotional need. This clarity will impact your decision to take that first bite, start a binge or reach for food.
  • You will have the insight into what triggers your emotional eating so that it can be addressed.
  • You will delete the emotional baggage that is triggering your cravings to devour a specific food.
stop emotional eating
  • You will delete the root causes or underlying issues from the past that are causing you to eat so you don’t need to suppress your emotions.
  • You will no longer have to constantly fight food and be upset with yourself for using food the way you do.
  • You will discover how good it feels to be in control around food. You’ll be able to stop after a little bit, rather than eating the whole bag or the entire carton.
Stop Emotional Eating
Stop Emotional Eating
calm on the beach

People Who Have Success With This Program:

  • Are women who have unsuccessfully tried to change their eating habits and are now ready to do something to change what they have always done in the past.
  • Are tired of the anguish of emotional eating and want to be free of their self-sabotaging eating habits once and for all.
  • Are certain they want to make a big change in their life. They want the next phase of their life to be better than what it has always been in the past.
  • Are frustrated because they realize they can’t deal with this food issue on their own and have decided to finally get the help they deserve.
  • Are looking to say yes to an investment in their self, looking for support, following a plan and not doing it on their own.
  • Are optimistic about getting good results and are willing to commit to completing the entire program.
  • Are ready to make a significant change in their emotional eating habits and want to create long lasting results.
  • Are women who can’t stand how they look in the mirror, they don’t like their body and want to feel good about themselves. 
  • Are women who are tired of their weight being up and down and want permanent results.
Stop Emotional Eating
Stop Emotional Eating

More Great Benefits of Completing this Program:

  • You will discover how freeing it feels to only eat when you are hungry.
  • You will become a conscious eater, being aware of what the food tastes like and how much you ate. 
  • You will stop being afraid of feeling your strong emotions. You will learn how to deal with your emotions so that you can give yourself what you need.    
  • You will get rid of the limiting beliefs around food, diets and weight that sabotage your efforts and keep you stuck. 
stop Emotional Eating
  • You may find it easier to eliminate that unwanted weight; you’ll be able to keep it off and not have to worry about it coming back.
  • You will notice how your self-confidence improves as you overcome your emotional eating.
  • You will change how you treat yourself; you will choose self-care rather than abusing your body when you are stressed.
Stop Emotional Eating
Stop Emotional Eating

This Emotional Eating Program is Different

EFT to relieve stressInstead of taking power away from you, this process finds the root cause of your emotional eating to minimize your desire for a specific food. So those cravings no longer hold power over you and neither will your emotions.

As you go thru the emotional eating program, you will finally be able to recondition your thoughts around food. Rather than habitually turning to food as a response to emotions, you’ll learn to identify the cause of your food trigger. You’ll learn the why behind your emotional eating, and what to do when those triggers arise. But, this isn’t something you can do on your own.

You need the help of an Emotional Eating Expert like me! I have helped hundreds of individuals work past their negative self-talk, shift their energy, and finally change their lives. I can’t wait to get started helping you!

Register below to get started with my Emotional Eating Program to finally take back control over what you eat and how you feel. 

Free Negative Self-Talk Chart from the Program

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Before You Make Your Decision...

If at any point you picture yourself living this brand-new life I have talked about, this transformational program is for you. Walk away today knowing that after three months you will have freedom from your cravings and your eating habits. And be well on your way to feeling better about yourself.

As you sit here deciding to hit the “buy now” button, take a moment and think, how much more anguish will you endure if you don’t act now? And most of all, what is finally getting rid of the emotional eating worth to you? 

Ready to Have a Better Relationship with Food? 

The full program is 3-months long. Don’t wait. Sign up NOW!

Maximize Your Results and Change Your Life! 

  • You will receive 12 Emotion Code sessions
  • Each session is 30 minutes long
  • You can do the program once a week or twice a week
  • You will remove the triggers that are causing the emotional eating
  • You will permanently delete your bad food habits
  • You will create a new relationship with food.

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