Anxiety or Panic Attacks Can be Debilitating

By Juanita Ecker

Do you suffer from anxiety or panic attacks? Maybe you have a fear of heights. Maybe you are afraid to speak in public. Or maybe you have panic attacks in a business situation. Whatever it is, extreme anxiety that leads to a panic attack can be quite debilitating. If you have had a panic attack in the past, you start to fear you will have another one. Then, you start to avoid any situation where one might occur. This pattern can limit your life and the choices you make.

About a year ago, out of the blue, I started having panic attacks every time I would go over a tall bridge or a ramp. Imagine how difficult it was to drive or travel anywhere when I would experience an extreme reaction of anxiety. My palms would get sweaty, my heart would race and I would feel light- headed.  A part of me felt like something bad was going to happen or that I was going to die. It didn’t make sense; my rational mind told me this was irrational and there was no logical reason to be afraid. Yet, it was as if my brain took over and I couldn’t control it.  As much as I tried to be positive and tell myself I won’t react that way, it didn’t help.

A friend of mine suggested I try some Body Code sessions to see if we could release this debilitating fear. I decided to give it a try.

The Body Code is an energy balancing system that uncovers the root causes of your issues. The Emotion Code and the Body Code System were created by Dr. Bradley Nelson, a Chiropractor, Master Energy Healer and Holistic Practitioner. He discovered there are six areas of imbalance that can cause problems:

  • Energies
  • Circuits and Systems
  • Toxins
  • Pathogens
  • Structural Misalignments
  • Nutrition and Lifestyle

Dr. Bradley discovered that with muscle testing, we can ask the subconscious “yes” or “no” questions. These questions access the subconscious mind and allow us to get immediate answers regarding your health and well-being. The muscle testing can give us answers for the imbalances that are contributing to the issues you are having and it guides us to what the body needs at this time. Once the imbalances are identified, the Body Code system is able to remove those imbalances from the body. Correction of these imbalances can drastically improve the pain, physical symptoms or health challenges you are having.

We started releasing trapped emotions and imbalances from my system. It is like peeling away layers of an onion. Eventually, you get to the core and the underlying imbalances that were causing the issue are no longer there. I was blown away with the results. Over time, we were able to eliminate my terrible anxiety when going over a bridge or ramp. What a relief! I now feel like a normal person in these situations and don’t have to be afraid anymore.

This experience is what motivated me to become certified in the Emotion Code and the Body Code System. I knew it was something I could do that would help others and make a difference in their lives. I am so grateful for my friend for introducing me to this energy healing technique. It  helped me…. And maybe it can help you too.

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