The Body Code can Help with Money Problems

By Juanita Ecker

Maybe you have recently found yourself unemployed; maybe you want to change careers; maybe you haven’t worked in over a year and are struggling to find that perfect job; maybe you have a business and it’s not growing as fast as you had hoped; maybe you feel limited in what you can earn; maybe you are struggling with credit card debt or money problems; and maybe you can’t seem to save enough to retire. Can you relate to any of this? You are not alone.

We all deal with fears and negative thinking around money, debt or financial stability. We tend to believe that if we just work harder or put in more hours, things will get better.  Yet, there is often a lot of unconscious sabotage or programming that is impacting our ability to earn more money.

Suppose you are a positive person and decide that every day you will state an affirmation twice a day about what you want to create in your life. But then, nothing changes. Suppose you are sending out resumes, yet still not moving forward in your career goals. Suppose you are putting in all these extra hours, yet have not made a dent in reducing your credit card debt.  Your subconscious might have created a belief that is blocking your success. If the subconscious has a limiting belief about money, or a new job or new business opportunities, it will block you from creating what you want. The Body Code is a tool you can use to release those unconscious beliefs that are holding you back.

I worked with a woman who believed she was doing all the right things to get a new job. She was sending out resumes, networking with people in her field and being positive about the outcome. Yet, nothing was happening. Thru muscle testing, I was able to determine if there was an unconscious sabotage that was blocking her from getting that new job.  Sure enough, there was. I decided to test how aligned she was with the belief that, “I will never be able to get a job I love.” It turned out she was 80% congruent with that belief. That means no matter what actions she takes, her subconscious would block her from moving forward. Now that we knew her subconscious was operating on a program that was not serving her, we could work to eliminate it and change it to something better.

People assume that being positive will fix negative programming; it won’t. Positive thinking will help, but it will not eliminate negative programming that has been there for a long time. We used the Body Code system to uncover the trapped emotions or imbalances that were making her congruent with the belief that “I will never be able to get a job I love.”  The goal was to reduce her alignment of 80% down to 0%.

Once we got her alignment to the negative belief down to zero, we wanted to make sure she was 100% congruent with the opposite belief that, “I am able to get a job I love.”  She was only 79% congruent with that belief. We released the imbalances that were blocking her; she is now 100% aligned with getting a job she loves. This means, the actions she does take will be more effective.

This is an example of how the Body Code can be used to release old programming to create change in our life. The Body Code is a powerful technique that can help you effectively manage the stress over money challenges. You can transform those suppressed emotions that are limiting your ability into improved financial success. Who doesn’t want more of that?

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