My Pet Just Died; Can EFT Help Me Feel Better?

By Juanita Ecker


A neighbor knocked on the door. She was visibly upset because her cat was missing and they were frantically searching for him. He was very old and quite sick. They were concerned that without his medicine, he would have seizures. She gave me a flyer with the cat’s picture and her phone number to call if we should see the cat.  The very next night, we opened the door to see if our company had arrived and there was her cat sitting on our porch. We immediately let the cat in and gave him some food and water. They were thrilled to have their loved pet returned to them. A week later, she knocked on the door again for one of her children had left the door open and the cat was gone. I suspected her cat kept escaping because he wanted to die on his own without seeing the pain it would cause his beloved family. They searched and searched for the cat, but he was never found. My neighbor was heart-broken over the loss.

If you have recently lost a pet, you know how painful it is. Losing a pet is never easy. How can we deal with the pain and grief when we loved our pet so much?  When EFT tapping is used on pet loss grief, it can shift the energy and release those painful emotions. The tapping is a way to nurture yourself during this difficult time. Here are few things you can tap on when you have recently lost a pet.

The loss you feel. You can use the tapping to reduce the intensity of the emotions you are feeling. Maybe you are feeling sad, angry, upset, hopeless or depressed. Whatever emotions are coming to mind, you can tap on those feelings and release them from your body.

Missing your loyal friend.  Our pets are extremely loyal to us and that loyalty is a wonderful sense of comfort. Your pet never judged you and gave you unconditional love. Losing that loyal friend can be a heavy burden to carry. Tap on all the love your pet had for you and your family. Tap on the hurt because that love is no longer there.

Your regrets. Maybe you keep playing in your head what you could have done differently to save your pet. Maybe you are blaming yourself or someone else for what happened.  Maybe you have regrets around some of the decisions you made when your pet was alive. Looking back, you wished you had done better.  Tune into those feelings of regret or blame and tap on them.

The memories of your pet.  When we are grieving, we tend to remember all the fond memories we had with our pet. It is a way of honoring our love for them. Yet, those memories can be painful. Maybe your dog always woke you at 6:00 am to go out. Maybe your cat always snuggled with you while you watched TV or read.  Maybe you and your pet always went to the beach together. Whatever those memories are, tap on how it feels to be without your pet.

The reactions other people have to your grief.  Sometimes the people around you don’t understand how much you loved your pet or what a big loss it is for you. They misunderstand the debilitating grief and it makes you feel even worse.  Tap on comments people have made that have upset you. Examples could be “it was just a pet, go out and get another one or aren’t you over this yet?”  Tapping on the reactions others have to your grief is a great way to help you cope with the loss.

You can never prepare yourself for the death of a pet. When you tap you won’t stop loving or missing your pet.  The EFT tapping can make your grieving process more bearable and it can help you move from a feeling of sadness to a feeling of peace.  Whenever you start to feel upset over losing your pet, take a few minutes to tap. Just know your heart can heal if you give it a chance.

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