Can the Emotion Code Help My Relationship Issues?

Juanita Ecker

Does it seem like you have a strained relationship with your boss? Is there a lot of tension between you and your ex-spouse as you co-parent your children? Do you have a parent or family member that always irritates you? Is there a co-worker who drives you crazy? Do you have a child that you just can’t seem to understand or get along with?

Well, I understand your frustration. Conflict between individuals is inevitable; however, our reaction and ability to resolve and move on is directly affected by whether or not we have addressed our own deep-rooted issues, whatever they may be.

A Deeper Look Into Our Relational Conflicts and Its Effects

These strained relationships are difficult to deal with because the interactions may easily trigger unresolved emotions from something you’ve experienced in the past. It could have been a traumatic, scary, sad event, or even a life-changing event where negative emotions got trapped in the body. Aspects of your current relationships may potentially remind you of something that you tried in the past and didn’t like, something that caused you emotional pain, or something you wanted to avoid. This frustration and tension is the body letting you know, “There is work to be done”. Think about it — The interactions we have with people who irritate us the most can reveal areas within ourselves that need some work. 

Triggers are a sign

While these triggers are a sign that we need to take care of our unresolved emotions, it’s important that we don’t ignore that sign. Remaining in these relationship patterns can actually hold us back from getting where we’d like to be in life. For example, in the workplace: “A 2020 CIPD study of UK employees for HR professionals found that the consequences of conflict in the workplace included lowered productivity and performance, lost time, increased stress, and a decrease in the ability of workers to reach organizational goals.” (CMOE, 2021). 

How Can The Emotion Code Help?

The fascinating part is that once we address what needs to be released and begin to heal, clearing the negative emotions trapped in our body, we can start to walk through life, engaging in our relationships in a healthier way! The clients I have worked with regarding relationship issues were able to see a huge shift in their interpersonal dynamics once we cleared their issues. It seemed that all of a sudden the relationship got better and easier to manage because there were no negative emotions getting in the way of communication and resolution.

Client Study

I had the pleasure of working with a woman who really struggled with her relationship with one of her daughters. It seemed as if they were always fighting and had constant tension between them. Once we worked on this client’s issues from the past with her own parents, her relationship with her daughter drastically improved. They can now listen to each other’s side of the conversation without tempers flaring, and they are able to calmly talk out their differences. The client is thrilled to see the change, as her daughter’s responses have improved as a result of my client’s own inner work. She has found that her daughter is treating her so much better now. The client is excited about the opportunity to develop a new relationship with her daughter- one unlike what they had before.

If you are experiencing constant tension in a relationship (or multiple relationships) and you are ready to step out of that frustrating cycle, let’s talk. The emotion code may be a helpful option for you. Get back to living life at your fullest potential.