Gaining Control Over Your Eating Habits Using the Emotion Code

A Technique for Even the Busiest of People

Juanita Ecker

How is 2022 treating you so far? Has the new year momentum slowed down or are you still riding the New Year energy wave from January? A quick reminder, there are no wrong answers. We all have different goals, experiences, and paces of the season that we are in. Regardless, I am rooting for you.

It’s all about finding a maintainable balance for the necessary and the enjoyable. Emphasis on the word “maintainable”. Because as much as we’d like to think we can “do it all”, every single day, we only have so much time and energy.

Prioritizing Your Health Can Be Challenging

So let yourself take a few deep breaths, and focus on what you can handle. One of the most common things I hear from clients in strategy sessions is the overwhelming frustration of not having “the willpower” to stop emotional eating or overeating when full. Especially with their busy day-to-day lives, they have a hard time prioritizing their well-being.

It’s understandable how challenging it is to focus your mental energy on your controlling eating patterns when the stress of work, family, relationships, and important lifestyle routines are already taking up the majority of your time and energy. Overordering fast food is convenient when the drive-thru is on the way home of your commute and you had a difficult day at work. Overeating is easy when you’re out with friends releasing the stress of your day over a meal with bottomless breadsticks. It’s understandable that even the “strongest” individuals with willpower have a hard time overcoming annoying, overbearing habits.

The Emotion Code Saves You Time and Energy in the Long Run

So, do you know what I tell my clients? The emotion code is life-changing because it doesn’t require any willpower. The emotion code uncovers and eliminates all of the deep-rooted, negative emotions that your emotional eating habits stem from. Imagine continuously cutting a weed at the soil level. It’s going to keep growing, requiring constant attention and energy as you continue to cut it every time it sticks out of the soil. Not to mention those times that it’s overgrown because you haven’t had time to tend to it. However, if you remove the weed at its root, you alleviate the overall issue— freeing up time and energy to focus on what truly matters to you.

The Emotion Code is the same way. It takes care of the root problem so that you don’t have to continuously strain and harness the willpower to overcome what’s holding you back. You will already be living from your victory.

Emotion Code Success Story

Take it from my client who just simply loves Indian food. Every time she would go to her favorite restaurant, she would overeat. She would tell herself, “Just one more bite… Just one more bite”. She couldn’t resist the taste. Later she would feel fatigued and full. She’d say to herself, “Why did I do that? Next time, I am going to stop when I feel full.” But…. The same thing would happen all over again. It was a pattern that repeated itself many times.  It wasn’t until we cleared the triggers that were causing her to overeat with Indian food, that she was able to stop when she felt comfortable. She shared with me how rewarding it felt to put down the fork when she felt satisfied and be ok with the amount of food she had eaten. She now enjoys going to her favorite restaurant without feeling so stuffed and guilty afterward.

If this freedom sounds like something you’d like to experience, let’s connect for a free strategy session to see if the emotion code is an option for you.