Gaining Freedom from “Summer Body” Expectations

Using the Emotion Code to reach mental & physical health

Juanita Ecker


Spring is in full force and summer follows closely behind. Around this time I often hear many women dreading the pressure of preparing for their “summer body” (and I understand men can have this pressure as well, but since I work primarily with women, I hear this most often from them). Family vacations at the beach or relaxing by the pool — I get it. Everyone wants to feel healthy and confident in their body.

Have you stopped to ask yourself, “Where does this pressure come from?”

According to The Cut, “The term bikini body was first popularized in a 1961 ad campaign by a chain of weight-loss salons called Slenderella International, according to linguists consulted for this story, as well as public records. ‘Summer’s wonderful fun is for those who look young,’ read a Slenderella ad that ran in in outlets like the New York Times and the Washington Post in the summer of 1961. ‘High firm bust — hand span waist — trim, firm hips — slender graceful legs — a Bikini body!’” Their ads often accompany the phrase, “Be the size you ought to be”. Not a very realistic standard for those who are working hard to take care of their business or children or any number of things that occupy our minds from day to day. Not to mention everyone has different body types- so in optimal health, many of us may never hit those standards! While there isn’t a problem with having a fitness goal, these dangerous expectations hold unrealistic standards, and completely dismiss the fact that healthy, fit bodies are individualistic. So shouldn’t our paths to getting healthy and fit also be geared toward the individual?

I know so many people who try various one-size-fits-all weight loss plans, exercise programs, or food alternatives, similar to “Slenderella” but never really find one that’s sustainable. No matter how hard they try, they would give up because they’re discouraged or they can’t kick their major food cravings. Possibly they’re stuck in their own cycle of emotional eating or feel that they aren’t worthy of reaching a goal they had set for themselves. The list goes on and on and it’s dependent on the individual. When clients come to me and they share their frustration with their unsuccessful journey, I suggest the Emotion Code. I know that their lack of results isn’t necessarily about them not “trying hard enough”.

Identifying the true roadblocks in your path

So what actually could be getting in the way? Well, anyone with unresolved, negative emotions can be held back from reaching their goals. Imagine trying to run with a giant parachute attached to your back. You wouldn’t get very far before you collapse from exhaustion. Unresolved emotions are just like that parachute. Emotional baggage slows you down — no wonder why so many give up. It’s exhausting.

While I don’t have a magical recipe for quick, overnight weight loss or a special formula that gives you confidence, I do have a way to target and resolve YOUR SPECIFIC unresolved emotions that are no longer serving you well. This way, they don’t stand in the way of your success. Take my client Nadine for example, “I had this pattern of getting right up before falling asleep and raiding the fridge. After the Emotion Code clearing, there was no negative feeling prompting me to get up and eat. I fell right to sleep. The bonus was I woke up feeling refreshed. This is going to enhance my life on so many levels.  I’m beyond grateful. Juanita is truly a gifted healer!” Can you imagine how freeing that must have felt, to no longer be subjected to her emotions that way?

So let me encourage you! If you are dreading swimsuit season because no matter what you do, you feel like you’ll never reach the point of looking and feeling your best, let’s take care of what’s underneath first, the deep-rooted issues that are holding you back. Let’s do some emotional healing so that you can find confidence and finally reach your goals, whatever they may be! You deserve to be at peace this summer. Contact me today for a free 20-minute strategy session. Let’s walk through it together!