How to Delete your Habit or Desire to Always Clean Your Plate with the Emotion Code.

Juanita Ecker

Do you carry around emotional baggage from your past regarding dinnertime food rules? Have these rules carried into your adult life causing annoying eating habits? Do you feel defeated in your fight to gain control over these food habits? If you answered yes to any of these questions, keep reading. I’m going to break down these food rules and show you how you can be rid of them for good!

Clean Your Plate

We see these food rules all the time in movies. We may have even heard it first-hand from our own parents, “Don’t waste your food! There are starving kids in other countries!”. Tiffaney Rains-Eaton, LCPC, hits the nail right on the head when she said, “The clean plate club absolutely could be a contributor (to annoying eating habits and eating disorders). I mean we call it a ‘happy plate.’ So in order to be happy, you have to have your plate empty, and that’s a direct association of someone’s wellbeing and happiness to having all of their food gone. Whether we actually consciously know that in the back of our minds, ‘oh if I have all my food gone I’ll be happy,’ it becomes this automatic response for us”. It’s likely that we have all experienced unnecessary food rules as children.

Four common food rules that may lead to annoying food habits in adulthood:

  1. You must finish what is on your plate even if you don’t like it.
  2. You have to eat it all if you want dessert.
  3. You must stay at the dinner table until all your food is gone.
  4. You will be punished or sent to your room if you refuse to eat what is on your plate.

Do these unhealthy rules sound familiar? Are you a member of the “clean your plate club”? Well, I can show you how to cancel your club membership using the Emotion Code. You can overcome your bad relationship with food once and for all! Watch below to see how it works.

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