Feeling Stuck? EFT Tapping Can Help You Get Unstuck

By Juanita Ecker


There was a flock of turkeys in our yard eating grass by the fence. If you ever have watched wild turkeys you know that they tend to stick together and all move at the same time. After a little bit, all of the turkeys had walked to the upper part of the lawn except one. This lone turkey was distracted and didn’t realize his mates had departed. He then started to panic as he went back and forth, back and forth against the fence. It was as if he was looking for the rest of his tribe and didn’t know where they were. He was stuck in this pattern. He could certainly fly over the fence; but in his panic, all he could do was pace back and forth.

Watching this turkey made me think how sometimes we get stuck in life and can’t move forward. We resist change and end up repeating the same patterns over and over. Even if these patterns are no longer serving us, we don’t know how to break the cycle. It’s as if our brains are locked in a loop and can’t get out.

There are many ways we can feel stuck in life. See if you relate to any of these situations: You are angry at a family member over a disagreement and haven’t spoken to that person in years. You have been downsized or fired and you want to blame someone for your financial situation. You own a business, yet can’t bring yourself to charge what you are worth.  Maybe you have a broken heart from a relationship that went bad and now you can’t move past the resentment you feel towards your ex and his life with his new partner. You are in sales and fill your day with everything except making those cold calls.  A co-worker received a promotion you were vying for and you can’t stop the petty jealousy you feel every time you work with this individual. Or, you feel guilty for something you did years ago yet resist forgiving yourself for your mistakes.

Feeling stuck can create destructive beliefs about ourselves that we assume are true. These beliefs limit what we believe is possible for us. When you think of the area in your life where you feel stuck, what beliefs did you create about yourself from that experience? For example, the person who is carrying resentment towards an ex-partner may believe she will never find a fulfilling, loving relationship for herself. The individual who can’t make the sales calls may be afraid of failure even though he really wants to do better and improve his commissions.  The person who remains angry at a family member for years might believe it’s more important for her to be right than to give in.

Feeling stuck can get in the way of creating what you really want in your life.  When we are stuck, we tend to cling to what we know and avoid change. We keep ourselves stuck because it feels safe. Maybe you have spent time trying to figure out what went wrong; or maybe you want to heal from your mistakes yet are unable to move out of your comfort zone. Unless you clear the stuck energy, you will never be able to grow or change. You will keep repeating the same patterns over and over.

People get stuck in old patterns because of fear.  Often there are emotional barriers to taking action. We are afraid of being hurt or disappointed again. We are afraid of change. We have a fear of failure or a fear of the unknown.  We listen to our inner dialogue that replays those fears or limiting beliefs and it prevents us from moving forward. It’s easy to hide behind these excuses and stay where we are.

What would happen if you could release the fears that are keeping you stuck? How would it feel to move past those old hurts, resentments and disappointments? How would your life be different if you could let that old stuff go?

You don’t have to stay stuck forever. EFT tapping is a tool you can use to manage the emotional difficulties and shift your perspective.  The EFT will help you address the underlying issue or issues that are keeping you stuck in the first place. The tapping can release the resistance you are feeling that is impacting your inability to move on.  When you neutralize the unresolved emotions and release the stuck energy, your life will begin to change.

Ready to get unstuck? Maybe it’s time to give EFT tapping a try.


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