Using the Emotion Code Technique to Help Navigate Professional Relationships

Juanita Ecker

Human beings are complex, emotional creatures. We also happen to work with, live with, and be in contact with people who can make us feel a wide range of emotions. Perhaps you’re having a hard time getting along with someone at work who makes your blood boil, or you’re barely putting up with someone in leadership who is starting to get on your last nerve (not just for today, but on a regular basis). Perhaps it is time try something different and take advantage of The Emotion Code Technique.

The Emotion Code Technique is a powerful process that helps to clear negative emotions and trauma from your body. A simple series of steps designed specifically for releasing these stuck emotions so you can feel better than ever before! This includes clearing negative emotions and energy that can help bridge the frustrating gap between your colleagues, business partners, associates, and more.

How Can the Emotion Code Technique Help Work Relationships?

The Emotion Code Technique can help you improve your work relationships in a number of ways. While the Emotion Code Technique can be used successfully in both professional and personal contexts, the most potential for success is when applied to a professional situation because it helps eliminate negative emotions that may be affecting your ability to perform well at work.

For example, ​​when working on projects with other people, conflicts may arise due to differing opinions on how best to solve certain problems within the company structure. Maybe there are underlying issues that get in the way of productively working with certain individuals  The good news is: using the Emotion Code helps reduce tension and resentment towards these individuals, promoting better communication while still making sure everyone knows exactly where they stand regarding certain issues— which could potentially cause problems later down the road if left unchecked!  Not to mention using this technique also helps with making decisions because it reduces confusion and indecision due to unresolved feelings from past experiences being triggered in the present moment.

I worked with a woman who always felt that her boss was not treating her fairly at work. She felt as though she was being overlooked for better opportunities and projects that she was capable of doing. 

Sure enough, there were some triggers from her past around her strained relationship with her brother. We did some work and once we release those unresolved emotions from the events in the past that were triggering those feelings, her relationship with the boss shifted for the better. She was pleasantly surprised how clearing the issues with her brother helped improve her situation at work. She commented to me that now the manager is open to her opinion, has a good working relationship with her and welcomes her input.

The Benefits of Using the Emotion Code Technique

So we know that the Emotion Code Technique is a powerful tool that can be used to help improve your relationships. However, it’s important to note that this technique is not a magic pill or quick fix, but rather it helps you become more aware of what’s going on in your body and mind so that you can make better choices about how to handle situations in the future.


The long-term benefits of using the Emotion Code Technique include:

  • Increased self-awareness
  • Improved communication with others at work (or even at home)
  • Released trauma holding you back
  • Released unresolved emotions keeping you from resolution
  • and more!

Journal Exercise: How do I know when I need to address my relationship issues at work? 

You may be thinking, “I may have interpersonal relationship issues at work, but are they worth addressing?” I have a short exercise for you that may help. So, take a moment to make some notes (or save this post for later and come back when you have some quiet time).

  • Write down a quick list pain points you have at work— things that make you anxious, frustrated, etc.
  • List the names of those you frequently interact with in a professional setting— take a moment to review these names. Can you identify correlating points between these situations (from above) and certain individuals? 
  • Imagine how you’d like to improve these work relationships. What would be the ideal? What is holding you back? What is keeping you stuck? 

If you’re having trouble identifying the answers to the last few questions or simply having trouble executing the solutions, working with a professional like me, can help give you clarity and relief in these relationship pain-point situations. You don’t have to put up and push through these relationships. If there is a possible solution to make your professional life easier, more enjoyable, and more productive, you deserve to make the adjustments necessary for this to be a reality.

If you feel like you’ve tried everything to improve your interpersonal relationships at work but still find you have nothing to show for it, the Emotion Code Technique could be an effective way for you to navigate these professional relationships. It’s also a great tool for personal growth and healing. If this sounds like something that would benefit your life or business, I encourage you to contact me today for a complimentary strategy session! I’m here to walk with you through every step of the way.