Navigating Difficult Family Dynamics with Parents and Step-parents

Juanita Ecker


We are moving into the holiday season quite quickly. This time holds a space for making great memories with friends and family. However, this time of year is also no stranger to difficult family dynamics as everyone gets together to celebrate various holidays. Year after year I have clients who approach me with the goal of working through unresolved emotions that trigger conflict with family members. 

When we experience childhood trauma or unresolved conflict with our parents or step-parents, we naturally carry it all into adulthood. This affects our triggers that cause tension and our ability to live fully in peace and abundance. Perhaps you are dreading the thought of being in the same room as this parent. Maybe the thought of a single remark makes you want to stay home and miss the family gathering. Maybe you have to plan multiple gatherings to avoid certain individuals, but you’d like to finally find a resolution to the difficult dynamics you’ve been experiencing in the past. If this resonates with you, you are most likely aware of the amount of energy that’s being wasted elsewhere that could be invested in positive experiences with yourself and the people you love. Not to mention the physical effects that this stress has on your body.

Healing Family Dynamics

So how can we move past and heal these frustrating family dynamics with our parents and/ or step-parents? First, we need to recognize that there is a root issue at hand. Using the Emotion Code Technique we target any unresolved emotions from the past and we work to release them. By doing this, you can begin your journey to healing, making it easier to engage with specific individuals. Clients I have worked with have even reported not having the same triggers as before. 

I have a friend who hasn’t spoken to her mom in years. There was a family disagreement, where both sides believe they are right. The tension has never been resolved. She will avoid any family gatherings where her mom is going to be there. It’s sad; she chooses to stay angry at her mom. Family members have tried to convince her it is not worth it, especially since her mom is getting up in age. But she would rather put her energy into not getting along rather than healing herself or the situation.   

Release Unresolved Emotions

When we release the unresolved emotions, that person will no longer drive you crazy.  After working with me, clients often tell me the dynamics of the strained relationship has completely changed and it feels like the other person is treating her differently. What’s really happening is she is no longer having an emotional reaction to this person like she did in the past.

If you’re ready to face the holiday season equipped and empowered, I’d love to discuss if the Emotion Code is right for you. Many people wait until it’s too late rather than just taking the first step toward healing. Take advantage of this opportunity by scheduling your complimentary 20-minute strategy session. Know that I’ll be here to walk you through the entire process, and I’ll also be here to celebrate your successes with you.