Discover One of the Keys to Eliminating Emotional Eating for Your Clients

Juanita Ecker


Are you an emotion code practitioner? Have you experienced the life-changing nature of the emotion code yourself or with your clients? Do you want to take your practice to the next level by adding one more tool to your toolkit? As a certified emotion code practitioner myself, I have seen incredible success with my clients and wish the same for my fellow colleagues.

Emotional Eating Statistics

Eliminating emotional eating for women is amongst the most rewarding work I get to do. The unfortunate truth is that emotional eating is so common. Yet it can not be eliminated in just a few sessions. The causes are deep-rooted and have been there for years.


According to the American Psychological Association, “Twenty-seven percent of adults say they eat to manage stress and 34 percent of those who report overeating or eating unhealthy foods because of stress say this behavior is a habit. After having overeaten or eaten unhealthy foods, half of the adults (49 percent) report feeling disappointed in themselves, 46 percent report feeling bad about their bodies, and more than one-third (36 percent) say they feel sluggish or lazy” (American Psychological Association, Stress & Eating, 2013).

One Key Component to Eliminating Emotional Eating

As you know, these annoying habits are a product of unresolved emotions. After the dynamic process of clearing the negative, unresolved emotions for the client, emotional eating is likely to decrease. However, how can we help the client from falling back into her old habits? One of the key components of my emotional eating program is to eliminate the client’s negative beliefs to prevent any unconscious sabotage that may happen.


“Eating gives me comfort”. “I won’t be able to cope without it”. “Reaching for food helps me cope”. These are all negative beliefs that keep the client in the cycle of emotional eating. Using the Negative Self Talk Chart, you can easily eliminate the beliefs that the client is aligned with. Our job is to ask what the severity of this belief is and reduce it to zero!  Click below to access this free chart to begin using it in your practice.


Keys to Eliminating Emotional Eating


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If you’d like all of the keys, the questions to ask, and a step-by-step system to eliminate emotional eating for your clients, you can get my full program HERE.