Using the Emotion Code to Gain Freedom from Food Sensitivities

Juanita Ecker

Did you know that the Emotion Code can help you with food sensitivity issues? Often there are foods that we really enjoy, but our bodies don’t. Perhaps you reminisce about being able to eat certain types of food but can no longer eat them because you always feel fatigued afterward. Maybe you wish to implement certain foods into your diet, but your body does not respond positively to that type of food. Using the Emotion Code, we are able to clear triggers and negative emotions that are causing these digestive episodes, so that you can enjoy the foods you once loved.

Let’s take dairy for example. Millions of adults are affected by dairy sensitivity. “For some people, drinking milk with their morning cereal is all the dairy they need for the day. Other people have a bowl of ice cream to end the day. If the combination of those two results in stomach cramps or churning, or a 3 a.m. emergency run to the bathroom, it’s probably safe to conclude that you don’t digest cow’s milk as well as you could.” (David Neville, 2017). So what if this is you and you just can’t stand the idea of avoiding ice cream, yogurt, or cheese for the rest of your life?

Well, my client Natalie was in that same boat! She absolutely loves ice cream, but it caused her bloating and a very uncomfortable stomachache. She knew she had to do something to address this issue because she didn’t want to give up ice cream for good. During our work together, we targeted and released the negative emotions that were contributing to the uncomfortable digestive issues. The results were truly exciting because now she enjoys the ice cream without any of the previous symptoms. 

Of course, there are many other types of foods that your body can disagree with. I had a client who would have a violent reaction any time she would eat onions. She would get awful-tasting burps that lasted for several hours. The burps would last so long that her torso would begin to hurt. Similar to Natalie, we released the unresolved emotions that were blocking this client from being able to enjoy onions. For the first time in her life, she was able to eat onions. Now, when she goes to a friend’s house or a restaurant, she doesn’t have to tell them “no onions”. She enjoys the meal without any pain.

Maybe you love spicy food but avoid it at all costs because it doesn’t sit well with you. What if you could enjoy spicy food without sacrificing your comfort? Well, spicy food is no match for the Emotion Code! I helped my client Mary regain her ability to eat spicy food after not being able to tolerate it for so long. She used to love spicy food until it began to bother her. She would get loose bowels soon after eating spicy food and simply had to sacrifice any spicy foods. During our work together, we focused on the triggers that were causing her body to have this reaction. Now, when she goes to a Mexican restaurant, she enjoys the salsa and a little spice without having to deal with the side effects.

I am so passionate about the Emotion Code because it allows people to heal their relationship with food in so many different ways. My goal is to walk with you on your journey to a better and more freeing life. If you want to see if the Emotion Code is right for you, let’s schedule your 20-minute strategy session. Contact me, today!