EFT Tapping Helps with the Grief Over Losing a Pet

by Juanita Ecker

If you have ever had to euthanize a pet that was ill or otherwise experienced the death of a pet you loved, you know that losing an animal companion is never easy. Our pets are always there for us, never judging and giving us unconditional love. They bring a ray of sunshine into our lives. We love them and they love us. When a beloved pet leaves, it leaves a big hole in your heart. The loss you feel is exactly the same as if you lost a human loved one; it’s just as painful.

I met Lyla when her cat had to be euthanized because he was so sick. (Her name has been changed. With her permission, she has agreed to let me share her story.)  Lyla shared with me that putting the cat down was extremely difficult to do. The tears were flowing, she was very emotional and the sadness was overwhelming for her.  She couldn’t imagine their life without him and missed her cat so much.  She was surprised at the intensity of the grief she was feeling and wished she could hold him one more time. Lyla wanted to be strong for her family but didn’t know how.

We started tapping to help Lyla release the pain and sorrow she was feeling. EFT tapping is a gentle technique that can give support and comfort during this difficult time.

There were a number of aspects we had to address to help Lyla feel better. The first was missing her loyal and comforting fur baby who used to sit on her lap. We tapped on those memories.

The next aspect we addressed was the unconditional love the cat had given to the family.  We tapped on how much love the cat was able to give, how much everybody in the family loved him and how his love for Lyla will always be in a special place in her heart.

The third aspect we explored were the special memories she had of her cat:  Seeing where his food bowl used to be, having to give him medicine and he would run away but always come back and remembering how he used to sleep by her daughter’s head.

The fourth aspect we coved was any regret or guilt she was feeling. Guilt that maybe she should have done more or taken him to another Veterinarian. She regretted having to euthanize her cat and shared how when she looked into the cat’s eyes he told her it was time.  We tapped on any guilt or regret she felt. We also tapped on the memories in the Vet’s office when she held her cat and he peacefully went to sleep.

I asked Lyla if what she was feeling now reminded her of anything from the past. She said it reminded her of when her mother died when she was in college. The mom had been sick for years. She felt guilty that she wasn’t there when her mom passed away. She also felt guilty that she didn’t always let her mom know she loved her and then it is too late when the mom was gone. We tapped on the unresolved grief for her mom and released those blocked emotions from her body.

At the end of the session Lyla was less emotional and feeling much better. We closed the session with some positive rounds of tapping. We focused on all the good things about her cat: he enriched their lives, he was very special, he was meant to be with them, they were grateful they could give him a home when no one else wanted him and they were the lucky ones to have gotten him. It was nice to see Lyla shift from a feeling of sadness to a feeling of peace.

Lyla may never stop loving or missing her pet.  As with any loss in life, there is a grieving process she must go thru. Lyla may feel better for awhile and then burst into tears at the thought of her beloved cat.  She will have bouts of emotional pain, hurt and sadness. There is no need for her to continue to suffer; she now has a tool she can use. The EFT tapping will help her overcome the pain and loss… so her heart can heal.

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