Juanita really knows how to help people work things through and I wanted to share what happened during our tapping session. When I came to Juanita to address a current issue, we ended up working on something that happened when I was just a child. I had a very scary incident happen to me when I was quite young. Yet, I never processed the feelings or emotions associated with this event. Nor did I realize its importance.

Juanita was able to help me explore those blocked emotions and release them from my body. After the session, I felt lighter. It was a good feeling.  I felt like I no longer needed to carry this troubling image around in my head any more. What a great way to start my day.

Sally from Oregon

EFT Tapping client testimonial

I had heard of EFT and it intrigued me. Yet, I never got to experience it. When Juanita asked me if I would like to try it, I thought why not? I often have swollen ankles and was concerned that I would fall into the same health challenges as my dad. As we started to tap, we uncovered pain, grief and a feeling of loss from losing my mom 30 years ago. Not wanting to deal with these heavy emotions, they got pushed down into my body. After a few rounds of tapping, I started to feel lighter. A wonderful sense of relaxation and peace came over me when we were done. A week later, I was sitting at the table looking at my ankles and realized there had been a shift. They are not swelling as much as they used to and I noticed the difference. I don’t quite understand how this EFT works but it does.

Lisa from Arizona

When Juanita first asked me what was bothering me that we could work on for the EFT session, I couldn’t really give her an answer. I have studied positive psychology all my life and aim to live each day in the most positive and upbeat way. Yet after some inquiry, we found an event from childhood. In the past 50 years, I have told this childhood memory many times; yet never addressed the unresolved negative emotions that were attached to it. After a few rounds of tapping, we released those blocked emotions. I felt complete relief and totally relaxed. Juanita’s keen insight and intuition is a gift she brings to the session. Following her lead, I could release old wounds. I’m glad I tried it.

Chandler from New York

EFT Tapping client testimonial with Coach

I constantly deal with the stress of caring for an elderly parent that lives with me. It is not easy working and living with Mother. I found the tapping to be beneficial and insightful. I now have a new tool I can use when the stress becomes overwhelming. I love life and learning new ways to better and enhance my life and those around me. I am so glad I tried the EFT with Juanita.

Karen from Massachusetts

Before working with Juanita, I felt stuck; I couldn’t take steps to move forward with my business. Juanita gave me clarity. It was amazing how she was able to connect current issues in my life to incidents from my childhood. Incidents that I remembered but didn’t realize were still affecting my life. We uncovered some core issues: stuttering as a child, having a fear of speaking up and a fear feeling like a fraud. As we tapped on different issues I was able to release the emotional charge they triggered for me. We uncovered layers of things that were amazingly connected, and released some blocks that have been keeping me stuck for a very long time. I was curious to see how the process would work and I’m glad I did.

South Carolina

EFT Tapping client testimonial

For the last several weeks I have been working with Juanita Ecker using EFT to resolve some old anxiety issues. During this time, we addressed my irritable bowel. Each time we work, I find some resolution for me as afterwards I seem to be operating at a much more relaxed level. I find that Juanita is very intuitive and although we work over the phone, she is able to “tap into” (pardon the pun) my emotions, at times even better than I can. I had tried EFT by myself, but Juanita goes into much longer and deeper sessions, with MUCH greater results than I could get on my own. I absolutely highly recommend her!!

Kathy from New York

I cannot thank you enough for helping me through an extremely difficult divorce. With your help, I was able to work through some issues that were holding me back from healing and moving forward. My daughters noticed right away that i had made a change and it changed my relationship with them. Thank you!

Leann from North Carolina

EFT Tapping client testimonial

I connected with Juanita at a moment in my life when I was at a roadblock in my parenting. I had been trying to change certain of my behaviors but I kept finding myself in the same place over and over. It was really getting me down. In my very first session with her I was so surprised to hear the things that I myself was bringing up. I genuinely didn’t realize where some of my actions had been coming from. But during our tapping and conversation, I moved easily into and through long forgotten memories and physical and emotional feelings. Juanita lead me on an amazing journey during that hour.

By the end of the session I felt profoundly changed. I felt more like my true self and less like the woman confined by her own patterns. A woman I knew too well. I could tell that things would be different going forward and they truly have been. There are so few distinct experiences in life that have the ability to transform a person to such a degree. I am forever grateful for Juanita and EFT for giving me a chance to heal and move forward and be the parent that I want to be.

Gwen from New York