End the Diet Cycle - Your New Body

6-Week Weight Loss Protocol

Are you discouraged that you try to eat the right foods but you never seem to lose the weight and keep it off?

Do you feel like a failure because you have issues with food, cravings you can’t control or annoying eating habits?

Have you tried various weight loss plans or exercise programs but never stayed with any one plan for very long?


Maybe you have tried everything to lose weight, did all the right things… yet nothing changed. If you are struggling to create the body you want or the eating habits you desire, there are probably some unresolved emotions, unconscious sabotage or negative programming that is impacting your ability to lose weight and keep the weight off.

 Does This Sound Familiar?

  • You have tried various diet plans but couldn’t stick with them.
  • You never seem to keep the weight off that you lose.
  • You have cravings or eating habits you can’t seem to control.
  • You eat when you are stressed or turn to food for comfort.
  • You have limited beliefs about achieving your ideal weight.
  • You have to criticize yourself to get your act together.
  • You have the same beliefs about body size or weight as your parents did.
End the Diet Cycle - Your New Body
End the Diet Cycle - Your New Body

Ready to End the Struggle with Weight Loss?

If you answered yes to anything on the above list, the Emotion Code is for you.  If you could lose weight without feeling deprived, having to starve yourself or needing a bunch of willpower, would you be interested?  If you could eliminate food cravings without having withdrawal symptoms, would that excite you? If you could shed your pattern of losing weight and then gaining it all back, would that appeal to you? The good news is this 6-week series is designed to give you quick results without the struggles you have experienced in the past.

There are no strict diets or extreme exercise plans to follow and no determined willpower needed. Who doesn’t want that? Using the Emotion Code, Juanita Ecker will help you release the negative emotions, the emotional baggage or the old programming that is sabotaging your efforts and blocking your weight loss success. 

 In This 6-Week Protocol You Will:

  • Delete the negative beliefs that are blocking you from achieving the weight you desire.
  • Release the triggers that are contributing to your self-sabotaging behaviors.
  • Eliminate food cravings, food addictions or unhealthy eating habits.
  • Remove the need to turn to food for comfort or stress relief.
  • Reduce the habit of continuing to eat even when you feel full.
  • Minimize the desire to binge snack on junk food.
  • Decrease the tendency to eat when you are bored.
  • Ease your pattern of not exercising.
  • Lessen your resistance to drinking water.
weight gain

“I constantly craved chocolate and wanted to give it up. When Juanita did the Emotion Code to eliminate chocolate from my life, I wasn’t sure it would work. After the clearing, I tasted a piece of chocolate, it didn’t taste good at all. Wow! This is amazing.

Amber S, Canada


I had this pattern of getting right up before falling asleep and raiding the fridge. After the Emotion Code clearing, there was no negative feeling prompting me to get up and eat. I fell right to sleep. The bonus was I woke up feeling refreshed. This is going to enhance my life on so many levels.  I’m beyond grateful. Juanita is truly a gifted healer!

Nadine M, Pennsylvania

End the Diet Cycle - Your New Body
Click on the above image to watch Juanita eliminate a food craving for two people. To see just the release, fast forward the video to 10:08.

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Maximize Your Results and Change Your Life 

  • You will receive a 30-minute Emotion Code clearing each week
  • We will energetically align you with your ideal weight
  • We will remove the blocks that prevent you from losing weight
  • We will remove the negative triggers that keep you stuck
  • You will eliminate the beliefs that sabotage your weight loss success
  • You will create a new relationship with food