Family Members with Addictions

Are you living with a spouse or child who has a drug or alcohol addiction? Living with someone who does not deal with an addiction can be very stressful.  Because of the shame and disappointment surrounding addictions, you may pretend that everything is okay. You may not talk about all the stress and you may never acknowledge to yourself or others the effects the pain, the frustration, the sadness, the anger or the hurt is having on you. This can feel really hopeless.

As a dedicated caretaker, you are often the one who suffers.  You come from a place of love, and you hate seeing your loved one hurt. The nurturer in you wants to fix it and you want to make it better.  Unfortunately, you also may come from a place of desperation. You have come to believe your spouse or child can’t figure it out on their own; and if you don’t step in, they never will. You may believe it is your job to convince him or her that they should stop drinking or taking drugs.  The more you want to fix it or control the situation, the more your loved one will resist.

See if Any of This Resonates With You:

  • Do you believe you know what is best for your spouse or child?
  • Do you want your loved one to take your advice, even if they are not ready to hear it?
  • Are you frustrated with their broken promises to change?
  • Are you someone who wants to fix it even though it affects your well-being?
  • Are you angry that your spouse, child or or family member won’t turn their life around?
  • Are you taking it upon yourself to keep your loved one out of harms way?
family members with addictions Emotion Code and the Body Code

Did You Answer Yes to Any of the Above Questions?

If you can relate to any of this, it has already affected you. You probably feel responsible and this makes you frustrated and miserable.  Maybe it has become harder and harder to cope and the stress has become overwhelming.       

You need to realize that the only person you can help is yourself.  With the Emotion Code and the Body Code, Juanita can help you change how you respond to this situation.

When You Work With Juanita Ecker You Will:

  • Release the triggers that make you feel angry and hopeless.
  • Shrink all those hurt feelings.
  • Decrease the need to want to fix your loved one.
  • Reduce your resistance to letting your loved one make his or her own choices.
  • Eliminate the belief that it is your job to convince your loved one to stop the addictive behavior.

After working with Juanita, you may notice that your family member with addiction and their behavior no longer triggers you. Things that used to annoy you may cease to be bothersome. You might begin to experience the freedom that comes from allowing your loved one to be responsible for his or her choices. It will start to feel like you have taken a huge step in the right direction and before you know it, your life will change.  Now is the time for you to care for the ONLY person you can ever really help… and that person is you.

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